Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too Much Travel I Think ..

Been a busy few weeks .... seems I am always running some where. Was at Calgary Bull sale for a day .. glad I went .. and wishing I had got our bulls in sooner so we could have taken them. Plans are already in the works to make sure we are better organized for next year.

On the weekend we went to Great Falls for a night .. then to Holdens sale in Valier ..nice little break .. but we seemed to be so rushed to get away that I wouldn't exactly call it "restful". Lot's of good bulls at Holdens .. they are such a uniform group .. a person could really add some consistency to their calf crop if they picked up a number of them. We are getting pretty excited to see the calves from the bull we bought there last year .. should have some in a couple of weeks !!

So .. apparently some where in our little "travels" I have picked up a cold ... feeling right crappy today !! LOL ! I guess it is wise to get sick BEFORE one starts calving though .. .. better than when you are in the midst of it !!! And so .. of course I am a bit grumpy tonight .. I always know when I am because Jeff starts hiding in his "cave" ... haha !! .. Maybe I will find the energy to make something yummy for supper and lure him out of there !!

Hope you are having the nice weather we are !!