Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Flashback -- Ridin' Wild Ponies (and a few random shots of my day)

Well -- it has been awhile since I gave you all a good laugh at my expense.   Todays "flashback" is of me .. about 4-5yrs ... might be the last time I went riding in a dress.   Gotta love them boots .. I believe I still have them, tucked away in a trunk somewhere.  

I seem to be getting good and keeping my Friday Flashbacks updated -- but not so great at posting about what is going on in the present around here.   We are finally finishing up the last of our baling -- going to be onto some cow work in the next few weeks.  

Last night I went out into the field behind our house to see if I could snap a few pics of the bears that have been hanging around.   I patiently waited .... and waited .... and FINALLY one came out to visit .. and then another.   

They are "good bears" in once sense in that they wouldn't get to close to the truck ...usually I am hoping to NOT run into a bear ... but I was feeling pretty secure in the truck and for once wanted them to get a bit closer.   Apparently they were not into a "modeling" for me last night so I didn't get any good pics of them ... but I did get a pretty shot of the scenery.   

Hope everyone is having a great weekend --- I am off to finish up that haying I mentioned earlier -- going to feel so good when all those bales are piled !



  1. Fantastic shot of the bales and mountains, Jen! Your blogging is great, inspiring me to do the same on my site... hopefully.

  2. Thanks Leonard ! I absolutely think you should join the world of "blogging" -- I used to have an on site blog -- but find having one hosted outside my site, but linked to through my website it much easier to use -- and allows me to connect with other bloggers more easily. Let me know if you want some help getting set up -- would be great to read your blog too ! See you later in the month at our meeting -- hope your summer has gone Well !