Monday, September 20, 2010

Snow ... and a Road Trip ...

The weather here continues to be challenging ... even woke up to snow the other morning. Our greenfeed is looking rather sad, and flat !. I think we'll be able to get it put up ok, hoping that we will get a break from this wet weather and get it done maybe towards the end of the week.

I am off to Hirsche's dispersal sale for a couple of days. Sad to see such progressive breeders have a sale like this. The Horned Hereford breed will be missing one of it's best (if not THE best) promoters of our breed. I guess time will tell what their involvement in the breed will be in the future.

Jeff has been up there getting the sale cattle ready, for about the last month. He has somehow managed to clip every sale animal up there by himself. I am sure he will be ready for a bit of a break once the sale is over, just need to get him home for a few days so we can get our own done !!! LOL !

I am heading up tonight, and am going to stay in High River for both of the sale days. There is so much to be done here .. but I guess there always is ! At some point a person just has to drive away !. I have been through the catalog, narrowed my interests down to about 30 hfr. calves ! LOL ! Hoping to get a couple of hours to look through things in the morning.


Friday, September 10, 2010


I have to say that the weather the last couple of days has been really "dreary" ... perfect word for it. Grey, overcast, rainy .... and dang COLD !!!! Hard to get motivated to get much done outside. Managed to clean the coop for the "ladies" so they can go into winter with a nice clean house !

I am kind of sad that summer seems to be over ... ususally I like fall ... but this year it seems like we missed the sunshine totally ! I had shorts on for all of about half an hour this summer .. and the mesquito's were so bad I had to put my jeans back on after about half an hour !! LOL !

At least there is a bit of a break in the clouds this morning. Not sure what we will get up to today ... awfully muddy out there this morning. Thinking I will go pound some posts. We are going to try and add a little area on to our bull field for picturing cattle for our ad this fall. Hopefully it will be a good spot for us ... this running around over acres of land ... trying to get pic's had become a little hard to manage. If there is one thing that tests a relationship more than calving time .. it is "picture day " ... LOL ! Any of you who have done this will know exactly what I am talking about !

All this talk about picturing has made me realize how great it will be to have this little "spot" done for us to use this fall .... best finish my coffee and get my butt out the door or nothing will get done !


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time to wear flourescent clothing ...

Opening day of the early elk season ! So far so good .. the people we had in today have hunted here for a few years, nice people and I am happy for them that they got their tags filled tonight. We have had about 100+ head of elk on the north end of our place for the better part of the summer. They were camped out on some alfalfa we had down there ... made a darn mess of it to tell the truth. Still ... I love to see them. One day when we were haying down there I went to change some knives on my Moco .. and when I went to stand up from under it I was so surprised to see that herd of elk standing right there beside the machine ! LOL !
I am just hoping that this herd stays north ... back at home here we still have all our greenfeed/silage to put up. Elk (and bears) just love that .. and they can sure cause a lot of damage if they find it. Come to think of it ... so can the damn show cows who seem to think that they should be out there too !!! LOL ! Fixed them today though ... got an electric fence put down by the river where they were coming in.
... about the show cattle ... well .. I'll leave that story for another day ..