Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time to wear flourescent clothing ...

Opening day of the early elk season ! So far so good .. the people we had in today have hunted here for a few years, nice people and I am happy for them that they got their tags filled tonight. We have had about 100+ head of elk on the north end of our place for the better part of the summer. They were camped out on some alfalfa we had down there ... made a darn mess of it to tell the truth. Still ... I love to see them. One day when we were haying down there I went to change some knives on my Moco .. and when I went to stand up from under it I was so surprised to see that herd of elk standing right there beside the machine ! LOL !
I am just hoping that this herd stays north ... back at home here we still have all our greenfeed/silage to put up. Elk (and bears) just love that .. and they can sure cause a lot of damage if they find it. Come to think of it ... so can the damn show cows who seem to think that they should be out there too !!! LOL ! Fixed them today though ... got an electric fence put down by the river where they were coming in.
... about the show cattle ... well .. I'll leave that story for another day ..

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