Friday, September 10, 2010


I have to say that the weather the last couple of days has been really "dreary" ... perfect word for it. Grey, overcast, rainy .... and dang COLD !!!! Hard to get motivated to get much done outside. Managed to clean the coop for the "ladies" so they can go into winter with a nice clean house !

I am kind of sad that summer seems to be over ... ususally I like fall ... but this year it seems like we missed the sunshine totally ! I had shorts on for all of about half an hour this summer .. and the mesquito's were so bad I had to put my jeans back on after about half an hour !! LOL !

At least there is a bit of a break in the clouds this morning. Not sure what we will get up to today ... awfully muddy out there this morning. Thinking I will go pound some posts. We are going to try and add a little area on to our bull field for picturing cattle for our ad this fall. Hopefully it will be a good spot for us ... this running around over acres of land ... trying to get pic's had become a little hard to manage. If there is one thing that tests a relationship more than calving time .. it is "picture day " ... LOL ! Any of you who have done this will know exactly what I am talking about !

All this talk about picturing has made me realize how great it will be to have this little "spot" done for us to use this fall .... best finish my coffee and get my butt out the door or nothing will get done !


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