Monday, May 31, 2010

Building the Ark ...

Well .. only a month since my last post .. that's not so bad !! LOL

It has really been raining here .. the ground is just saturated. I guess one should never complain about moisture .. but a few days of sunshine in between the rain and snow would be nice ! Finally decided that we had to move cows today .. regardless of the weather and really it was quite nice out and the cows we happy to go to a new pasture. No flooding YET ... supposed to warm up and be nicer by the end of the week. At one time I had thought we would be really efficient and brand this weekend .. but it is looking like that will wait for awhile.

I am glad we had most of our calving done by mid May this year ... not much fun for those who are calving in this late snow/rain we have had. In fact .. I liked it so much that we have decided to turn the bulls out with our purebred cows/heifers a whole cycle early this year ... bulls should go out in the next day or two. The following pic kind of sums op our May storms (taken May 5th) .. not a great pic ... to dark and snowy out !!!

Will have to see if I can get some more "weather pics" posted up here ... that is .. if we don't all float away .. LOL !


Friday, May 7, 2010


What stared off as a calving season with perfect weather it looks like we will end it with snowy, wet weather ! LOL . Really we are lucky to not have had as much snow as last year at this time .. but these last few snow storms have been hard on the calves. We treated a couple for some scours yesterday, everyone was still nursing their momma .. so hoping this is NOT a sign of things to come !
We also had some trouble with wolves/coyotes this year. As a result of this, about 2 weeks ago we turned our main cowherd north, out of the cavling pasture. It has made it a bit hard to check everyone in these last snow storms .. but the good side of this is that they all have lot's of clean ground to lay on and everyone there looks healthy.
Last year we used 4 new yearling bulls on the registered cows .. and I am REALLY happy with the calves from all of them. They are a really stylish set of calves this year and all of them we born a super nice size. Hopefully I can get some pics' once this weather straightens up.
Like everyone else ... we have lot's of spring projects to get done. Can't wait for the sun to shine here !