Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Flashback -- Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede 1988

Well --- I thought with the Calgary Stampede kicking off today - it was only fitting that I use a Stampede "flashback".

In 1988 our brand -- which is a "J" was recognized for being 100 years old.    Registered in 1888 we have continued to use the same brand all these years.   Most of our cattle now will carry the brand on the left rib - or the left hip.  When we went to the Stampede in '88  I remember feeling quite honored that we were receiving this recognition.   

Some people may wonder why we still continue to brand our cattle with the "J" -- while there are a number of reasons for this -- I believe a lot of it is that we are proud of the cattle we raise --- and we are not afraid to put our own "stamp" on them.   It is some of the best advertising we can get !

I have lot's of other good memories of attending the cattle show at the Stampede over the years --- and making a trip or two to the Nashville North tent while we were there !

I don't think we will make it up to the Stampede this year --- but I would like to wish those of you competing in the Steer Classic the best of luck ! To those of you who might just be heading up to catch the rodeo -- I too wish you luck fighting the traffic, parking and crowds !!! LOL !


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