Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Flashback -- The Auction

Parkbend Auction 1940's
 (would have been the closet auction to our ranch)

I have always liked this picture -- with the rail cars in the background - the woman working the cattle in the ring on horseback (who I believe may be my cousin Alice) -- those guys leaning over the roof of the stands look fairly comfortable, though that roof seems to have quite a sag in it !.   One thing that stands out for me in this picture though -- is that auction sales have always been a place to socialize.   They are a community "event" and as I see the people in this picture, I imagine they looked forward to seeing each other at these sales and I bet there was even a bottle of whisky hidden somewhere !

The venue's for our sales have certainly changed over the years, especially with the internet sales now available -- but one thing that has not changed at sale time is the enjoyment we all get out of visiting with other members of the cattle industry - and seeing the results of our years work in our calf crop. 

Fall calf sales have begun here-- and the market is stronger than we have seen in years !
For the week of Oct 12th, 2011 Balog Auction saw 500-600lb steer calves bringing $150.00 - $168.75.  Cull bulls and cows remain strong -- and if you are thinking of replacing some of your herd sires now is the time to do it !

Good luck to everyone with their fall calf sales, and getting their calves weaned ! I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming sales and events in Alberta this fall !