Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Legends of Chief Mountain

View of Chief Mountain From Jenkins Ranche
 If you have ever been to our place, the far southwest corner of Alberta or Glacier Park in Montana – you have probably viewed Chief Mountain. It is not that there are not other mountains to see there – but Chief seems to kind of stand alone and his unique shape makes everyone who views him take notice.

As a child I awoke each morning to look out the kitchen window and say good morning to “Chief”. I remember well it was something that we always did – though I am not sure why because he never really looked a whole lot different that he did the day before. My aunt also had the same view out of her own kitchen window. I remember her always looking to greet Chief the same way we did at our own house. Seemed to me that good old “Chief” was just part of the family. So much so – that when we moved the house I live in now onto the place we all wandered around deciding where to put it – making sure I could see Chief Mountain out the window. Looking back – we should have paid more attention to which way the wind blows and maybe now I wouldn’t be constantly drifted in all winter !

As I was sorting through my photos the other night – it occurred to me that I take a lot of pictures of Chief. It got me thinking – “how did old Chief get its name ?”. Of course I grew up believing that it was because if you look at him from our place you can see the profile of an old Indian Chiefs face. However --- I have learned that especially in my family – you might want to double check on some of those story’s you grew up believing !

Diagram of Chiefs Profile ... if you can't see the image of an Indian Chiefs head
-- tilt your own head to the right and view him from the side !

Well --- turns out I couldn’t find anything about Chief Mountain being named so because of it’s resemblance to an Indian Chief – but I DID find some other interesting history about it !

- first noted on maps, published in England in 1795 or 1796, upon which it was called "King Mountain."

-Captain Meriwether Lewis is also believed to have seen the mountain on his trip up the Marias in 1806 and called it "Tower Mountain."

-There are two records of the origin of another name for this peak — "Kaiser Peak" — by which it was known for some time. Some say it was so-named by early German geographers, but the most authentic story comes from Eli Guardipee, a member of the Blackfeet tribe, who stated that it was so named for a "Bull-whacker" (oxen freighter) named Lee Kaiser, who accidently shot himself near the present town of Cardston, Alberta, in 1872. For him the creek where this happened was known as "Lee Creek," and the mountain at its headwaters was called "Kaiser Peak."

-There are many historic legends regarding this mountain, the most popular being that of the young Flathead Indian brave who spent several days upon the top of the peak searching for his "medicine vision," and using a bison skull for a pillow. Apparently you will still find a bison skull a top the mountain.

-The present name was taken from the Blackfeet Indian name "Old Chief," or "The Mountain-of-the-Chief," by which it was known to the Blackfeet, probably because of the above-mentioned legend. (Above facts listed on this website

Hmmmm ...... no mention of the mountain actually LOOKING like an Indian Chief .....

Chief Mountain with Spring Wildflowers

 However – I did manage to find this other legend that tells of a warrior husband and war chief who fell in love and married a woman whom he loved so much that he never left to fight again. Until one day he decided that they he had to go to battle one more time --- and when his fellow tribesmen returned with his dead body his wife was so distraught that she climbed Chief Mountain and threw herself and their young child off it’s peak.

“Her people buried the woman and baby there among the rocks. They carried the body of the chief to the place and buried him beside them.

From that time on, the mountain that towers above the graves was known as Minnow Stahkoo, "the Mountain of the Chief", or "Chief Mountain".

If you look closely, even today, you can see on the face of the mountain the figure of a woman with a baby in her arms, the wife and child of the chief.

Chief Mountain at Twilight through the fog
  I think we all have a certain “talisman” that lights the way home – that certain tree, road sign, road, house or mountain that reminds us we are “home”. No matter where I have been – there is still that excitement when Chief Mountain comes into view and I say to myself “there’s Chief”. And while I am likely to never climb to his peak and use a bison skull for a pillow – I am happy to live in his shadow.

AND – I still think that Chief's profile looks like that of an Indian Chief !


Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Flashback - World Hereford Conference

Things have been busy around here – while we were away at Edmonton dad decided that we should build a new shed for our few early calving cows. After seeing the wind blow across our yard the last couple of weeks – we all agreed that the shed was going to be a “must have” if we wanted to keep calves alive here in February !

Now – normally we calve in April/May --- so why are we calving so early this year ? Because .... The World Hereford Conference is coming to Alberta in July 2012 ! We are already getting excited about the show next summer – I thought I would dig up a little info. about the previous World Hereford Conference’s held in Canada -- so here are a few things I found to share with all of you !

(NOTE:  I could not find any info. on other Conferences in Canada beside the 1976 one -- I believe there was another smaller one held -- but no official cattle show took place ? -- my apoligies for the lack of info. -- if anyone can fill in the blanks for us here that would be great !)

“When the 7th World Hereford Conference delegates gathered for the first time in Canada at Banff on June 27th – July 3rd (1976) it was the largest single meeting of seed stock producers held anywhere. Over 800 people from over 20 countries made their way with some difficulty due to air traffic control problems to the five day event held every four years since its founding in 1951”
~ quoted from Alberta Hereford Heritage book

Of course there were a number of “tours” scheduled during the 1976 Conference – including visits to George Templetons (XTC Herefords), McIntyre Ranch, Bar Pipe Farms, Ulrich Herefords, Hansons Bell L, Jones Hereford Ranches, Rusticana, Colpitts Ranches, Pirmez Hereford Ranch, B&H Herefords and of course a tour to the Alberta Hereford Test Centre.

Said the Canadian Hereford Digest in its September 1976 issue: “ The nearly three weeks of activities connected with the World Hereford Conference concluded with the International Hereford Show staged July 8th and 9th (1976). And what a fitting climax this event proved to be ! Held in the spacious Stampede Corral at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Park, the quality and well presented entries from eight provinces and eleven states in the United States provided a tremendous show for the huge crowd present, which represented at least 25 countries” ~ quoted from the Alberta Hereford Heritage Book

Champion Polled Bull
Stanway Lad 41F Champ. H.Herford Bull

“Under the chairmanship of Lloyd Pickard of Olds the show moved along smoothly without a hitch through the two days of judging” The show arena was divided into two sections with the Polled Herefords and Horned Herefords showing separately, but simultaneously. Judging the strong Polled Hereford show was W.W. Donaldson of Louada Farms at Petercorough, Ontario, assisted by Ron Pitchford of Pleasant Valley Farms at Melfort, Saskatchewan. Judging the excellent exhibit of Horned Herefords were George Edgar of Little Red Deer Farms at Innisfail and Joe Rogers of Penticton, B.C. , Manit ~ quoted from the Alberta Hereford Heritage Book

Other statistics:  
Total number of livestock entries received -- 777
People who attended the Conference, Tours and Shows --- approx. 15 000
Attendance at the show --- 1800 for the females --- 2300 for the bulls
People registered for the Conference in Banff -- nearly 1000
Largest attendance on the tour -- B&H Farms -- over 2000 people

 The 2012 World Hereford Conference is now in it's 16th year and is to be held in Canada July 8th – 25th 2012. As it was in 1976 – there will be a number of tours throughout the country beginning in B.C. and moving on to Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. In between these tours is the main Conference to once again be held at the Calgary Exhibition Park, and will allow visitors to take in the World Famous Calgary Stampede & Rodeo. During this time the World Hereford Show is to take place at Olds, AB – along with a Junior Program/Show and “Rancher Day”.

WHC Display at Farmfair 2011
I look forward to creating new memories at the 2012 WHC – and I am sure there will be lot's of "good times" to write about afterwards.  

I extend an open invitation for everyone to drop by our stall there and say hello. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Story

I am quite humbled that the awesome people at T Bar C chose to write an article about me for the current issue of Herefords Today.   Doreen did a very good job of portraying who I am -- and where it is I come from -- and I could not have asked for a more flattering layout for my pictures.   So thanks again to everyone who helped put this all together -- I am quite honored (and a bit shocked !) that others would find me to be an interesting enough subject for an article. 

For anyone who doesn't know the history of Jenkins Ranche -- or for those of you who don't know me well -- here is your chance to find out a little more about us ! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Farmfair 2011 -- Hittin the Road !

Farmfair 2010

It is that time of year again -- we are hittin the road on Saturday and heading to Farmfair in Edmonton.

Things have been busy as usual here -- shipping calves, vaccinating cows etc -- not as much time as we would like to work on our "show cattle".   BUT -- we are getting closer to being ready every day -- even got their heads clipped yesterday !

My "old girl" gettin' a haircut -- not sure she like this too much -- but she did pretty good !

And the finished product -- look for her AND her two year old daughter with calf at side in Farmfair !

We are looking forward to seeing everyone up there -- don't forget if you can't make it to the show -- it will be broadcast LIVE on DLMS -- Wednesday, November 9th at 1PM MST.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Flashback -- The Auction

Parkbend Auction 1940's
 (would have been the closet auction to our ranch)

I have always liked this picture -- with the rail cars in the background - the woman working the cattle in the ring on horseback (who I believe may be my cousin Alice) -- those guys leaning over the roof of the stands look fairly comfortable, though that roof seems to have quite a sag in it !.   One thing that stands out for me in this picture though -- is that auction sales have always been a place to socialize.   They are a community "event" and as I see the people in this picture, I imagine they looked forward to seeing each other at these sales and I bet there was even a bottle of whisky hidden somewhere !

The venue's for our sales have certainly changed over the years, especially with the internet sales now available -- but one thing that has not changed at sale time is the enjoyment we all get out of visiting with other members of the cattle industry - and seeing the results of our years work in our calf crop. 

Fall calf sales have begun here-- and the market is stronger than we have seen in years !
For the week of Oct 12th, 2011 Balog Auction saw 500-600lb steer calves bringing $150.00 - $168.75.  Cull bulls and cows remain strong -- and if you are thinking of replacing some of your herd sires now is the time to do it !

Good luck to everyone with their fall calf sales, and getting their calves weaned ! I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming sales and events in Alberta this fall !


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday Flashback - Stock Shows --- A Place to Share Ideas

July 1971 American Hereford Journal

I stumbled upon the most interesting article in the July 1971 Edition of the American Hereford Journal.  In it the Jounral had surveryed commercial ranchers about their feelings on livestock shows.    The reason for the article and survey was that "In recent years stock shows have com in for a round of criticism that would have destroyed anything except the most hardy of our argicultural institutions"  .

Here are the findings of the survey

"If you don't take some of your best cattle to the county or local district show you are missing a whale of a chance to promote your herd !"

-Over 73% of respondents attend from 1 to as many as 7 of these type of shows

How about State Fairs ?
Over onehalf (56%) of those surveryed attend from 1 -3 state fairs yearly

What about "major shows" (places like Denver, Ft. Worth --- Farmfair, Agribition in Canada)

-"An amazing 40% of respondents attended -- some up to as many of 3 of these type of shows.  (IMO -- a pretty good result if you think of the time & expense for the rancher to attend these shows)

-"Now you may say you never see them on the show day.  Of those attending these exhibitions 61% say they see the breeding cattle shows."

- Only 18% indicated they did not attend these types of shows

AND --- only 11% of respondents indicated they did not attend any of these types of livestock shows.

Other interesting findings from the survey

- many would like to see a blend of commercial/purebred breeders judging breed shows

-"The amount of finish carried by show cattle continues to come in for considerable discussion by commercial producers   ------- Possibly the best methoud of dispelling this belief (excess condidtion) would be some sort of mechanical and objective measuring device to dertermine fat thicknes combined with public announcements of this info along with performance info." (Interestingly -- we do have that tool now in the form of Ultrasounding)

The article follows up with actual comments from the respondents to the survery

Here are a few key concerns about these type of shows

"Polictics" --- "Overcondition" -- "Inconsistency in judges"  (type of cattle)

Yet -- what is more interesting is that a greater percentage of these commercial cattle ranchers still attend various livestock shows throughout the country.   They still believed that stock shows had a valuable place in agriculture and I think you will find their reasons very thought provoking --

Key points about why we need stock shows

" Competition amongst purebred breeders keeps the quality of cattle high"

-they educate the "urban dweller" on agriculutre and the beef industry

- they provide oppourtunites for our junior livestock breeders

-they allow for our breed to be compared to other breeds that share the marketplace

-they are good adverstising for the purebred breeder

" ---- the cattlemen as well as any business must keep up with the times.   These shows are the quickest way possible to gather these ideas and show them to the public. "

"-- exchange of ideas is absolutely neccessary.  Shows are a demonstration of ideas"

I really believe in that last quote --- that we have livestock shows in place to "share ideas".   We gather at these events to showcase our cattle, our program and our breed.   Of course we could all just have a big meeting about the future of the cattle industry and our breed -- and those types of events are definately important to our cattle industry.   BUT -- the difference is -- at livestock shows you have to be able to demonstrate those ideas in the cattle that are on display at them.   They are the place where we can share how we make those thoughts -- and ideas a reality.

Sometimes we forget about the importance of educating the "urban dweller" about agriculutre.   With an ever growing interest in the how our food is being produced and manufactured -- stock shows are an excellent venue for the producer himself to have an oppourtunity to educate people on the quality and care that goes into raising the food that we eat.    We are afterall dependent upon the consumer if we want the beef industry to survive.   Do you take time to visit with those "urban dwellers" when they walk past your stall ? -- if you don't I challenge you to do so -- I have met so many interesting people this way -- from all walks of life -- and you will be surprised at their affection and interest for the livestock industry

One last point in the article was that those who exhibit cattle at stock shows should remember that their cattle are always being evaluated both inside and outside the ring.     Many cattlemen and women will still find their "type" of cattle at these events -- and they may not be of the same opinion as the judge for these shows.    Basically -- just because you didn't win -- it does not mean that you are still not gaining valuable advertising. networking and marketing oppourtunites.

There is much talk these days about the type of livestock shows we should be having, as well as the presentation of the cattle at them.   Todays article reminded me that within our beef industry their will always be people who like different "styles" --- it really comes as no surprise as we all have our own ideas about what is "best" in life in general.

To put it simply --- some people like Levi's -- and some people like Wranglers --- but at the end of the day -- they all wear Jeans.   I wonder if we shouldn't as a breed spend more time coming together, sharing postive ideas, focusing on the quality of cattle represented, and educating others on the safety and care that goes into producing beef --- and less time worrying about if your neighbor in the show barn is presenting his cattle differently than you --- or wearing Levi's when you like Wranglers. 

Stock shows are not a "one size fits all" event --- but there is something at them that will fit each and everyone of us. 

As we move into the fall show season here in Canada -- I am looking forward to having the oppourtunity to "share ideas" with people from all walks of the beef industry, from the producer -- right down to the consumer. 

Hope you enjoyed our Friday Flashback --- and are enjoying your long weekend !! I will get off my soap box now, and go and tend to those 'show cattle" or I won't be present at any stock shows this fall !


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Flashback -- Ridin' Wild Ponies (and a few random shots of my day)

Well -- it has been awhile since I gave you all a good laugh at my expense.   Todays "flashback" is of me .. about 4-5yrs ... might be the last time I went riding in a dress.   Gotta love them boots .. I believe I still have them, tucked away in a trunk somewhere.  

I seem to be getting good and keeping my Friday Flashbacks updated -- but not so great at posting about what is going on in the present around here.   We are finally finishing up the last of our baling -- going to be onto some cow work in the next few weeks.  

Last night I went out into the field behind our house to see if I could snap a few pics of the bears that have been hanging around.   I patiently waited .... and waited .... and FINALLY one came out to visit .. and then another.   

They are "good bears" in once sense in that they wouldn't get to close to the truck ...usually I am hoping to NOT run into a bear ... but I was feeling pretty secure in the truck and for once wanted them to get a bit closer.   Apparently they were not into a "modeling" for me last night so I didn't get any good pics of them ... but I did get a pretty shot of the scenery.   

Hope everyone is having a great weekend --- I am off to finish up that haying I mentioned earlier -- going to feel so good when all those bales are piled !


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday Flashback -- Makin' Hay

Makin' Hay in 1941

It has been a long time since I posted a "Friday Flashback"  (yes - I know .. it is actually Sunday !).  We are busy still trying to finish up the last of our haying.   We have had mutiple minor breakdowns with tractors and equipment this season which have held us up in one way or another.

As I picked the picture to post today -- I was thinking about how hard they had to work in 1941 to put up hay for the winter.   Oh sure -- we might work some long days now -- but really the physical labor and time spent haying is so much less than it would have been then.

I guess we should all feel pretty lucky to have our modern technology -- but with the cost of fuel, equipement purchases, repairs etc -- I sometimes wonder if we are so much better of than they were back then ?

Now I probably won't rush out tomorrow and trade my John Deere tractor for a team of horses --- but I will take a moment to stop and enjoy the smells and sounds of the day --- and be thankful for all those modern conveniences that we have these days.  .  I might even day dream for a bit about how much simpilar life would seem without all of our modern technology --- and think about trading in my green horse for a team of mules !!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Flashback - The Line One Influence

Jenkins Ranche Ad -- 1982

Our herd has always been influenced by Line 1 breeding -- this ad was done in 1982 and pictured one of our feature L1 sires at the time.   If you look WAY back in some of the pedigree of our females -- you can still find a few of these bulls.   

Almost 30 years later our breeding program is still being influenced by L1 genetics.  In the last few years we have been fortunate enough to find Line 1 genetics that fit very well into our breeding program.    These sires offered us all of the traits we were looking for at the time -- strong maternal strength -- strong carcass traits -- moderate/low birth weights -- and structural soundness.  


One of those sires we used was CJH HARLAND 408.  Initailly we used Harland on our replacements heifers because of his low birth weight and high growth potential.    As we put his daughters into production we were quickly made aware of the strength of his females and to this day have used 4 of his sons in our breeding program.   The daughters of these home raised sons are passing on Harlands same maternal strength and style.

Sired by Harland
Pictured July 11, 2011 -- 2 cycles into breeding season

The other Line 1 bull that we are really excited about is a bull that we purcahsed from Holden Herefords.  When we first saw him we were so impressed with the amount of muscle and lower quarter in the bull -- and he also provided us with that extra red pigment that we were looking for.   It is hard sometimes to find a bull who is full of hard muscle -- yet loose hided and soft flanked -- and yet those traits we both obvious in this bull.   "Jack" as we call him (I have to wonder how many of Holdens bull carry that same nickname ! LOL !) ..... has been used extensively here in the last 2 years .. this year alone he has bred almost 50 females.  We hope to have a number of his offspring represented at the World Hereford Conference in 2012.

 or "Jack" as we call him
Pictured at 3yrs of age after 2 cylces of breeding - July 2011

If you are interested in knowing where the Line 1 cattle came from --- and about their breeding -- I dug up a great article on the subject-- including some pics. of foundation Line 1 sires


Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Flashback - Bonanza

Reserve Champion Straight bred Hereford Steer -- purchased from Jenkins Ranche

11 Days until Bonanza .........

This is what my younger hereford friends told me last night -- they had been busy working on scrapbooks and all kinds of things -- including their heifer that they are taking to the show.   Their excitement is contagious -- it warms my heart and renews my optimism in the Hereford breed when I hear their excitement about their cattle and the upcoming Junior show. 

In 2008 the kids and I attended Bonanza in Medicine Hat -- it was a really special few days for me -- and I believe for the kids too.   This year Bonanza - which is our National Junior Hereford Show will be held in Saskatoon, SK on July 27th - 31st. 

Of course --- after I spoke on the phone with the kids --- and remembered my earlier promise to be there to watch them show --- I made the final decision to fly to Saskatoon on the Friday of the show.   I just couldn't tell them that "Auntie Jenny" would be busy haying that week.   I am really looking forward to it -- and will be sure and keep everyone posted on what in happening at Bonanza 2011 !


Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Flashback -- Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede 1988

Well --- I thought with the Calgary Stampede kicking off today - it was only fitting that I use a Stampede "flashback".

In 1988 our brand -- which is a "J" was recognized for being 100 years old.    Registered in 1888 we have continued to use the same brand all these years.   Most of our cattle now will carry the brand on the left rib - or the left hip.  When we went to the Stampede in '88  I remember feeling quite honored that we were receiving this recognition.   

Some people may wonder why we still continue to brand our cattle with the "J" -- while there are a number of reasons for this -- I believe a lot of it is that we are proud of the cattle we raise --- and we are not afraid to put our own "stamp" on them.   It is some of the best advertising we can get !

I have lot's of other good memories of attending the cattle show at the Stampede over the years --- and making a trip or two to the Nashville North tent while we were there !

I don't think we will make it up to the Stampede this year --- but I would like to wish those of you competing in the Steer Classic the best of luck ! To those of you who might just be heading up to catch the rodeo -- I too wish you luck fighting the traffic, parking and crowds !!! LOL !


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alberta Hereford Assoc. AGM

Just a reminder that our Alberta Hereford Assoc. AGM is coming up ! This year our meeting will be followed by a Steak and Lobster dinner and will be held in conjunction with the Keith Gilmore Foundation Charity Golf Classic . 

I hope some of you will be able to join us in Hanna on July 6th & 7th !

Schedule of Events

Alberta Hereford Association

2011 Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, July 6, 2011
3:00 p.m.
Hanna Community Centre (use west entrance)
503 4 Street West
Hanna, Alberta

Wednesday  6:00 pm: LOBSTER BOIL &/OR STEAK (your choice) Barbeque at the Campground.
Cost: $50.00/meal.
Make reservation for dinner with Dan or Gwen Aebly: 403-898- 2415 or v_anchor@xplornet.com.


*10:00 am – Registration and Putting Contest
*12:00 pm – Shotgun Start – 18 holes
*5:30 pm – Country Auction
*6:00 pm – Steak Dinner

SUPER 8:403-854-2400 or The CANADA GREY: 403-854-4471
CAMPGROUND: 403-854-1853 (When calling to camp, tell them you are with the Keith Gilmore Foundation.)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Bob Jenkins - 1942 on "Pone"

It has been a busy couple of weeks here - trying to get fence fixed and bulls out between rain storms.   I have enjoyed so much riding with Dad as we sort cows, and put the bulls out to pasture.   I am always the one who is worried that we won't get things done - and he is always the one who keeps assuring me that we will - I guess that confidence comes with time and experience. 

I have always loved the chance to spend time with Dad and the cows - when I was little instead of watching TV we would pull out old Hereford Digests and "place" the cattle in the ad's.  So much of who I am today I owe to him - and his encouragement.  

Here's to all those Ranch Dads - who taught us how to fix fence, rope bulls, tie knots, drive trucks (then get "un-stuck" !) - how know a "good one" - Dad's who hauled our horses and cattle all over the county - who caught our horses when we fell off - and who made us get back in the saddle and never give up !

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Flashback - June 3, 2011

Tom Jenkins (dehorning), Bob Jenkins (branding) and Joe Jenkins - with their team of supporters Valerie, Leslie, and Margo Johnson (nieces) = photo taken in the early 1960's ?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Involvement with the Nature Conservancy of Canada

In 2001 our family changed the structure of our ranching operation - and began a parntership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.   There were many factors which led to this decision - but one common goal was to see the land protected from the ever increasing pressure of rural sub-division/commercial development in the Waterton Park Front Area.  This is a video I did with the Nature Conservancy that talks a bit about how it is we work together - and also shows some great pictures of our place !

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Flashback - May 27, 2011

Good luck to everyone on their upcoming
 4H Achievement Day !

Provincial 4H Heifer Show - Bashaw - about 1992

Somewhere hidden in the "vault" I have some pics' from our local 4H Achievement Day - but this is the best I could come up with today - I have no idea why I am out there all by myself - I believe it may have been a division class - and I believe we may have even come home with a banner ! Either way - I have great memories from our summer 4H shows -

Monday is the local 4H Achievement Day in Pincher Creek - and yours truly (me) - is going to evaluate the young showmen and women that day.  I am looking forward to it - and hope to see some of you come out and support our local young beef producers !!!!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Flashback

Tom and Mic Jenkins with their Hereford Steers - I am guessing this picture was taken in the mid to late 1950's ??? - everyone is all dressed up for this picture - including the steers !

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Flashback

Dad and I - Pincher Creek Fair - about 1984 ???

You will have to forgive the "fuzziness" of this picture - it is one of the very few I have of Dad and I showing cattle together.  I have learned so much from him over the years -- and have such great memories of going to shows/sales with him.  Take note of the old Bar 15 Simmetals truck in the back - forming the "show ring" for us !

Have a GREAT weekend !

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Photo Gallery

Hi Everyone -

Check out our new photo gallery at http://jennyj.smugmug.com/ . The link on our website will also change soon - and will take you to our new page.   This type of gallery let's me upload and share new pictures right from my computer - which should keep it more interesting and more current.

And ... here are some random pic's of our 2011 Calves, these are end of March/April babies

Dam of our 2011 Calgary Bull Sale Champ.  with a "Jack" (HH Advance 8248U) heifer calf (excuse the nose cleaning !)

Reserve Champoin Female Farmfair 2010 - with a sharp looking heifer calf (only a couple hours old) and yes .. that is a spot on it's head ... not manure !

You'll see more of this pair - Reserve Junior Female Farmfair 2010 - with her first calf, another "Jack" heifer calf - this is an awesome pair !

A "Jack" Heifer calf - out of the mother of the Reserve Junior Heifer pictured above

and ..... here is the calf on that pair pictured above ... she is one of our best in my opinion - with a super sweet attitude !

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Calgary Bull Sale


When I was a kid, the highlight of my whole year was to go to the Calgary Bull Sale. It has been in my mind "the" place to be for Horned Hereford Breeders in Alberta. Over the years I have learned so many things, just from being there. I remeber well all the advice I have received, so much of which has helped me to get to where we are today. I have great respect for those breeders who have been to the bull sale in Calgary for so many years, who have built a reputation there, and raised there own Calgary high sellers and Champions.

I told Jeff when he moved to Alberta, that my biggest dream in life was to win the Calgary Bull Sale. It was a dream that I thought would maybe never happen, and certainly not any time soon.

I am so honored that we were choosen to have this years Champion Hereford Bull, it has truly fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine. Thank you to Red Willow Colony for their purchase of the bull, I am looking forward to delivering him and seeing their cow herd.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Denver Stock Show 2011

We are finally home and getting things back to "normal" around here, after our trip to Denver. It was great to go and see the show, it had been quite a few years since I had been there. Not much had changed really, but it was a different experience than what I had when I was in my twenties. I admit that I had quite a few good laughs while having lunch in the Yard Bar ... thinking of how much fun us Canadian girls had "back then".

It has been quite awhile since I have had the chance to sit down and watch a whole show, and I really enjoyed it. I thought Wes Hudson did a really nice job of explaining his placing's, and it was interesting to hear his thoughts. In particular, I thought he really looked for moderate, well balanced cattle, who moved out well, had a lot of fore rib and came into their front end nicely. I took a few short videos (which I will post once I get the new video camera figured out !) ... and when I played them back and listened to his reasons again ... you could really hear him express those qualities in a number of his comments. Of course that was just my own take on the day ... I am sure there are others who have a different take on the show.

There were a couple of classes on the Female day that were just awesome ! I was really impressed by the capacity, volume and femininity in the horned females ... would have loved to be able to just take a couple of those classes home with me. Brost's bulls looked really good on show day .... especially their 2 year old bull GHC-TABOO COALITION 52U ... it was just a pleasure to see a bull of that maturity move out so well. He was the Polled Senior Champion Bull ... and it brought a little excitement to the show for us to see a "neighbor" do so well there.

Until I get this video thing figured out .... thought I would post the pic's of the Champions for those of you who haven't seen them yet. Anyone else have some thoughts to share about Denver this year ????


2011 National Western Results Champions


DOB: 4/2/2010




DOB: 1/17/2010







Reserves (you can view the results and their pic's here )

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year everyone ! Wishing you all the best in 2011, (indluding high calf prices).

One of my goals for 2011 is to do a better job of keeping this blog updated, and getting it out to more people. I think that may have been a goal I set in 2010 as well ... lol .. maybe this year it will be one I stick to. Jeff got me a new video camera for Christmas, so now we can post video's of things around here, and our sale cattle etc .... I will have fun with it I am sure.

We have been busy in Dec., getting caught up on things around here, after being gone so much in November. I think we may finally be getting there. We just have some cull cows to ship, but that will wait for a few weeks now.

Jeff and I are heading to the Denver Stock Show on the 11th of this month. I am really looking forward to it. The last time I was there, I was working for a Shorthorn breeder ... while it seems like it was not that long ago ... it must have been about 10 years since then ! Funny how time fly's ...