Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Flashback - The Line One Influence

Jenkins Ranche Ad -- 1982

Our herd has always been influenced by Line 1 breeding -- this ad was done in 1982 and pictured one of our feature L1 sires at the time.   If you look WAY back in some of the pedigree of our females -- you can still find a few of these bulls.   

Almost 30 years later our breeding program is still being influenced by L1 genetics.  In the last few years we have been fortunate enough to find Line 1 genetics that fit very well into our breeding program.    These sires offered us all of the traits we were looking for at the time -- strong maternal strength -- strong carcass traits -- moderate/low birth weights -- and structural soundness.  


One of those sires we used was CJH HARLAND 408.  Initailly we used Harland on our replacements heifers because of his low birth weight and high growth potential.    As we put his daughters into production we were quickly made aware of the strength of his females and to this day have used 4 of his sons in our breeding program.   The daughters of these home raised sons are passing on Harlands same maternal strength and style.

Sired by Harland
Pictured July 11, 2011 -- 2 cycles into breeding season

The other Line 1 bull that we are really excited about is a bull that we purcahsed from Holden Herefords.  When we first saw him we were so impressed with the amount of muscle and lower quarter in the bull -- and he also provided us with that extra red pigment that we were looking for.   It is hard sometimes to find a bull who is full of hard muscle -- yet loose hided and soft flanked -- and yet those traits we both obvious in this bull.   "Jack" as we call him (I have to wonder how many of Holdens bull carry that same nickname ! LOL !) ..... has been used extensively here in the last 2 years .. this year alone he has bred almost 50 females.  We hope to have a number of his offspring represented at the World Hereford Conference in 2012.

 or "Jack" as we call him
Pictured at 3yrs of age after 2 cylces of breeding - July 2011

If you are interested in knowing where the Line 1 cattle came from --- and about their breeding -- I dug up a great article on the subject-- including some pics. of foundation Line 1 sires


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