Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday Flashback -- Makin' Hay

Makin' Hay in 1941

It has been a long time since I posted a "Friday Flashback"  (yes - I know .. it is actually Sunday !).  We are busy still trying to finish up the last of our haying.   We have had mutiple minor breakdowns with tractors and equipment this season which have held us up in one way or another.

As I picked the picture to post today -- I was thinking about how hard they had to work in 1941 to put up hay for the winter.   Oh sure -- we might work some long days now -- but really the physical labor and time spent haying is so much less than it would have been then.

I guess we should all feel pretty lucky to have our modern technology -- but with the cost of fuel, equipement purchases, repairs etc -- I sometimes wonder if we are so much better of than they were back then ?

Now I probably won't rush out tomorrow and trade my John Deere tractor for a team of horses --- but I will take a moment to stop and enjoy the smells and sounds of the day --- and be thankful for all those modern conveniences that we have these days.  .  I might even day dream for a bit about how much simpilar life would seem without all of our modern technology --- and think about trading in my green horse for a team of mules !!


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  1. Very cool post, and I love the photo. Technology sure has changed a lot, but I think we all still farm because of the simple things like working with cattle or smelling that fresh cut hay.