Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Flashback - Bonanza

Reserve Champion Straight bred Hereford Steer -- purchased from Jenkins Ranche

11 Days until Bonanza .........

This is what my younger hereford friends told me last night -- they had been busy working on scrapbooks and all kinds of things -- including their heifer that they are taking to the show.   Their excitement is contagious -- it warms my heart and renews my optimism in the Hereford breed when I hear their excitement about their cattle and the upcoming Junior show. 

In 2008 the kids and I attended Bonanza in Medicine Hat -- it was a really special few days for me -- and I believe for the kids too.   This year Bonanza - which is our National Junior Hereford Show will be held in Saskatoon, SK on July 27th - 31st. 

Of course --- after I spoke on the phone with the kids --- and remembered my earlier promise to be there to watch them show --- I made the final decision to fly to Saskatoon on the Friday of the show.   I just couldn't tell them that "Auntie Jenny" would be busy haying that week.   I am really looking forward to it -- and will be sure and keep everyone posted on what in happening at Bonanza 2011 !


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