Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you holding your breath ???

Well I sure hope not ... LOL ! I did say it was another ATTEMPT at blogging ... and yet again I see it has been months since I have got back to this. BUT ... it is a new year .. and we'll see if I can't finally keep this updated.

Things are finally warming up here ... and thank goodness because I am WAY behind on getting things done around here. Cows still need vaccinated ... culls to ship ... bull calves to sort through ... even a few calves that escaped branding to get processed. Hopefully by the first of next week all those things will be checked off my list.

Jeff is in Denver at the stock show ... and I am doing my best not to be jealous !! (ya' right ! !). At least one of us got to go this year ... sounds like he is having a good time so far .... maybe next year we can both go for a holiday !!!

I have been caught up watching "The Dog Whisperer" tonight ... 3 hours of it to be exact ... and now that I look at the clock I see it is way past my bedtime ... what happened to the days when 1am was early ???? LOL !


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