Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chicken Ranching

Well .. got the chicken coop cleaned up this weekend .. and I am ordering chicks this week !! YIPPEE !! I might add that others in this household do not share my enthusiasm ... LOL ! Not sure when I will order them for .. but not at least until May if I can. Dad is happy though .. as he can get them eating some grasshoppers again this summer !!

I am not sure what Ruby will do with them ... herd them for sure .. HURT them ?? well .. possibly. Hoping to actually keep them locked in their yard most of the time anyway .. tired of feeding the coyotes !!

Jeff is away clipping bulls for the neighbor .. bet he is freezing his butt off right now .. damp and foggy here today with a north wind .. BURRRRR .... Really I guess a person should not complain .. better than 6 feet of snow and 40 below !!

Now I am off to get some paper work done .. I have been wasting time here on the computer .. but .. the time has come ..


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