Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well ... I love this dog .. but man is she a handful !!! LOL ! No worries about her not having the "herding" instinct... as she want to "work" everything .. cows, deer, horses, the other dogs, cats ... ME !!! She really is a sweet affectionate thing once you get to know her .. but she is really unsure of "strangers" ... might be a sign that I need to get out more .. either that or have more visiters.

Good news on the horizon though as it looks like I have found someone to give us a bit of a start before we get into calving. The poor thing .. I think she is just frusterated as she want to work so bad and all I let her do at this point is "get in" , "lie down" .. and come back to me.
Really we should all be more like Ruby .. she thinks everyday is an adventure .. and everything she see's is interesting .. now if she could just chase the heck out of something I think she would just think that life is perfect !!!
Hopefully the next pic's I post of her will actually show her listening to me and being a bit helpful !!!

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