Thursday, November 4, 2010

Almost there ...

I simply find it hard to believe that it is already November !! Maybe it is because the weather has finally been so nice, and we can finally get some things done outside. The picture above was taken September 17, and is of our greenfeed. Haven't had much snow since then, but it sure hasn't felt like summer/fall either.
Only one more day at home, then we are off to Farmfair. Still a ton of things to get done, but we managed to get all of the other calves either weaned or sold. I felt a little better when I saw all those guys still combining out there, I am sure that they are thinking of everything they still need to get done too !

We are really happy with how the "show cattle" look this year. About a month ago we decided to take a 6 year old cow our this fall. She is actually doing pretty good, considering she had never seen a halter, hoping she settles in good once we get to Edmonton. We have a few less head going to Agribition ... but I am still wondering how the plan changed for just taking a "few" to taking 7-9. At the end of last year I swore that this year we were going to just "take it easy" ... I guess I have only myself to blame, as I am the one who kept bringing cattle into the "show pasture".

All this thinking about only having one more day at home has made me realize I had better get off this computer and get some things done.

Hope everyone had a good calf sale, and that your harvesting is all done !


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